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Isle of Wight jewellery designer Adrienne Wroath creates contemporary treasures  that explore texture, form & rustic luxury. Designed and handcrafted onsite in her Newport studio, she celebrates the imperfections, traditional methods with an air of the ancient that have tactile quality and are timelessly wearable.

After graduating from UCA with a degree in fine art, Adrienne moved back to her home town the Isle of Wight where she began learning jewellery making. In 2014 she opened her store. Designing the space with up-cycling in mind, she utilized salvaged wood to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Visitors can browse her changing collections and observe Adrienne and her partner Tom working away in the open studio  


'I love that jewellery making is this ancient craft and really, not much has changed. The tools are the same ones that people used in ancient Egypt to make jewellery. When the world is forever trying to become more digital and modern, it’s a nice feeling to know some things don't have to change'

Bespoke commissions are highly welcomed, feel free to contact Adrienne for something special and unique.

By Timi Eross
By Timi Eross 
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