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To brighten up silver, gold and make diamonds sparkle we we recommend gently washing your pieces with unscented soap and a soft toothbrush as desired at home. Alternatively we offer a range of services at our Newport store including cleaning & polishing
Ensure that your jewellery is kept clean and free from - creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, make-up, solvents, bleaches, household chemicals and cleaning products. Some skin types can make the silver go black - this is only surface discolouration and can easily be removed with a jewellery cleaning cloth which can be purchased from our Newport store. Avoid wearing when in swimming pools or jacuzzis as the chlorine may tarnish the silver. When not wearing, store your jewellery separately so that it doesn’t get scratched or tangled. We recommend storing your jewellery out of strong sunlight or humid conditions either in its original packaging or an airtight bag
Plated items will wear over time but we do provide an affordable re-plating service. Please contact us for further information
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